Shooting for Style

baby photo

I feel it is very important to be focused in the craft of photography.  When I am under the notion of shooting everything for profit, a basic drive is lost and as an artist I stagnate.

Being focused on weddings allows me to pursue other genres of photography without the pressure of trying to make it profitable.  Take money out of the equation and the creativity increases.  Shooting for money means taking the safety shots and avoiding creativity that might not pan out in terms of quality.

Being free to pursue creativity yields growth in the art.  Thinking outside the normal boundaries that restrict my art, means that new techniques, and new perspectives will develop.  This is important to help propel and grow my ability in photography.

It is enjoyable to receive a photo shoot request from an acquaintance, and be able to respond with “no charge”.  I can do it because I do not focus on every aspect of photography.  Shooting some genres is done out of enjoyment for the creativity aspect of it.  In this manner it is possible for me to maintain the joy of the art, yet still be profitable in my focused area.

I have stopped trying to shoot everything for profit.  I have a select few genres that I consider profit centers and the rest is for enjoyment and growth.  In this way I am able to foster creativity and learning that will translate to better work within my focused discipline.


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