Premier Albums

Attending ImagingUSA gave me the opportunity to check out many of the album vendors in the wedding industry, and there is no shortage of album vendors.  With close to 80% of the vendors specializing in prints, albums, or a combination the selection was overwhelming.  Having never been to a photo imaging expo before I did not know what to expect, but what I quickly realized is that every vendor was vying for my business.

One of my only objectives was to see the Mpix product line and their premium album, which I anticipated would fit within my lineup as a premier product.  While being extremely pleased with their entire line of products, I felt their top of the line album fit a niche, but it didn’t quite portray the premium level I have been looking for in a wedding album.  With that bubble burst it left me to ponder the other 100+ vendors for an upscale album, which was no small feat.

After a couple more hours of roaming the expo floor and inspecting the overwhelming range of products, I finally narrowed my focus down to four vendors.  After conferring with Darren on his thoughts he confirmed my picks and helped me to further narrow the selection to a pair of albums from Loktah and Ginkgo.

In the next couple of weeks after the details are worked out, I will be rolling out my premier line of albums with selections from both Loktah and Ginkgo, so keep an eye out for the announcement.


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