Canon can One Light too

Nikon has been my camera of choice for many years now, but I don’t equate equipment to photographic ability.  Knowing ones equipment thoroughly is most important, but this post isn’t about that.  Capturing weddings with One Light atmosphere is paramount to my style, and using Nikon equipment allows me to accomplish this.  Canon shooters are not without the ability, and any photographer has many options for accomplishing this look.

Syl Arena is on the forefront of the Canon speedlighting revolution with his Speedliter’s Handbook.  Syl also goes into generous detail in using off camera flash in a newly released webcast.  Not only does the webcast contain great info on the use of Canon equipment for off camera flash, but he also covers lighting essentials basic to off camera flash situation.  Syl does a great job of breaking down the technical details regarding photographic lighting and how to use it to your advantage.  This may not be the most interesting material for couples just looking to have beautiful wedding portraits made, but it is great information for those looking for a better understanding of how lighting works.


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