Just a warm weather baby

I am sitting here writing this with the space heater on my feet.  San Antonio is currently looking at the coldest front of the season, and I am about to check the news station to see what is in store for us.  I doubt the conditions will get bad enough for road closures, but it is always fun to listen to the predictions.

It is times like this that I realize there is no way I would survive any further North than Dallas.  Sarah has more than hinted on many occasions that she would love to live up North, and I have resisted.  When it gets cold like this, current temp is 25, I am reminded that I live in the South for a reason.  Warm weather baby Royce can’t even take it when it gets below 60, let alone anywhere close to freezing.

These cold streak puts a serious damper on my creativity as well.  I love to shoot outdoors, and when the temp drops there is no ambition to even think about creating photographs.  I could always pursue creative projects in the studio space during cold snaps, and I might do that, but right now I just want to stay warm.  I think my next project will be to find some firewood.  I can stand in front of the fireplace for hours, it reminds me of the Texas summer heat.


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