Decorating your walls with Photos

frame wallpaper for prints

I am always excited to see new and unusual ways to decorate with photos.  Thanks to a link from PetaPixel (quickly becoming one of my favorite sites) I discovered something I really like; “Frame” wallpaper.  The wallpaper is printed with random photo frames and designed for you to mount your prints right on the wall, no framing needed.  I find this to be a creative and ingenious idea and one that I am sure will work great in the new studio….oops did I just let that slip out?  Ok, more on the studio later, still trying to finalize details on that.

Back to the paper.  You can order the wallpaper from Graham & Brown for $45 roll.  Covering the entire wall space would be over stimulating and obnoxious, but in selected areas of the home it is a great idea.  Brides and grooms make note of this, it could be the perfect way to showcase all those engagement and wedding photos in a modern and creative way.


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