Last Call – Engagement Social

Last call for couples interested in this weekend’s Engagement Social.  I along with Darren will be photographing engaged couples this Sunday Feb 27th, at the Riverwalk behind the Pearl Brewery.  We will be there from 3-5pm shooting engagement photos at no charge.  If you are interested in attending contact me to ensure your spot and get all the details.

San Antonio Riverwalk Pearl Brewery Farmers Market


3 thoughts on “Last Call – Engagement Social

  1. So disappointed I missed this! I stumbled onto your website today (the day after the shoot) and have fallen in love with your photos. The image you use on your home page is fantastic!! Our wedding is a long way off but I will definitely be saving your information. Hope everything went beautifully yesterday.

  2. I actually postponed the shoot a bit prematurely yesterday when the weather was not looking good. I plan on rescheduling for this weekend, and will let you know a solid date as soon as I have it worked out.

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