What is the average cost for a wedding in Austin/San Antonio?

There seems to be no shortage of surveys on wedding costs these days.  I posted back in Feb on the current rise of spending for weddings.  If you are looking for an estimate on your wedding there is info out there for that as well.  Today I came across an article regarding the average cost of weddings in the Austin San Antonio area and it falls in line with other sources.  At $26,984 the area outpaces the nation by a small percentage, but that could be attributed to the couples responding to the survey.

What do you think?  Does this sound like a feasible average for a wedding in the area?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “What is the average cost for a wedding in Austin/San Antonio?

  1. Hmmm…That seems a bit steep but I guess it depends on what that cost includes. If it is EVERYTHING then I guess I could see that being a feasible number but I also think that the people that responded to that survey are not the average class that have been hit by the recession, then again TX hasn’t been hit as hard as other states. The average household median in 2009 for SA was $42k, Austin was $50 (I don’t think that changed much in 2010) so that means that people spent over half of their annual income, if we consider that according to the survey engagements averaged only a little over a year. Seems like an awful lot of debt to get into at the beginning of a marriage. I’d like to know the average age of those that were surveyed for our area, maybe it is just the younger generations not having the wits about them to plan wisely in a bad economy? Either that or this survey was completed by those that have the money to spend.

    My boyfriend and I are not officially engaged but are starting to talk about the funding for a future wedding and so I have started looking into comparison shopping and discount sites. I think that with the internet there are sooo many ways to cut cost without cutting the traditional family wedding, one just has to be willing to search for them and bargain. I liked the response by groveonline in your blog “What is your wedding going to cost?” That is some serious budgeting and they had the right idea! If anything I would say that an estimate closer to $15k would be more feasible for the area.

  2. Hey Cherie, I have to agree with your points. Most of the surveys I have seen on the subject put the average wedding over $20k, which begs the question, who is part of the survey sample? When you factor college debt into the picture, a young couple could be very much under water their first years together, if they are just out of college.

    One of the current trends is the DIY (do it yourself) wedding. You are exactly right regarding the resources available on the internet, and how to cut costs on decorations, announcements, and other less specialized wedding items. I have seen most couples focus their money on the areas they feel are important whether it be exceptional venue, great DJ, fantastic food, open bar, or photography, and save in other areas by putting in their own time or effort. It is possible to have a very nice wedding without the extravagant expense.

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