From the days of Film

I started off photography in the days of film.  Of course it wasn’t that long ago, and consisted of mostly shooting Texas area bicycle races in the late 90’s.  Digital has revolutionized photography, especially for the everyday consumer, putting instant feedback and editing control in their hands.  We can now instantly share photos, and the technology is so good that everyone is capable of shooting great photos.

For the professional the trends in technology have opened up new possibilities in technique, style, and creativity.  A photographer can move from the ordinary to surreal with post processing in the editing software.  There is a fun appeal to the ability of tweaking and transforming an image into something different with editing software.

As my photography evolved over the years I have gone through a transformation from heavy post editing to a more natural approach to photo creation.  In the days of film I didn’t have much control over the post editing process.  I did not have a background in darkroom work and relied on capturing the initial image as creatively as possible.  Once the door of digital was open and I had the easy access to editing images I took advantage of it.

As I refined my creativity in the digital era I continued moderately editing my images in post process.  The input from a respected local photographer had a lasting impression and changed my approach.  His recommendation was to go light on the editing and deliver a more natural image.  Like from the days of film the emphasis was on producing a great image in-camera and relying on post processing only to refine what was there.

Of course with the technology we have today there is a lot of possibility for creating fantastic images without the use of heavy editing.  Lighting capability has come a long way and offers me the chance to produce some very creative images.  I think it has been a fun transformation from film and I am happy to have that as my background.  It will be interesting to see what trends continue to shape photography and how it evolves over the coming years.


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