Putting it all together

As I sit here writing this another completed DVD ejects from the burner and I am one more disc closer to having the wedding ready to mail.  It seems each step of the process is special and adds to the overall presentation and charm.  I know the couple at the other end is anxiously awaiting all their images.  They have seen a very small number online, either on my blog or facebook.  What they are really anticipating though is the full set of images being hand delivered or arriving in the mail

The closer I get to completing the package the more anxious I get.  I can’t wait for them to see the images, and all the emotion, and atmosphere captured within.  I know the images will be special to them, and it is such a joy to have been part of their wedding day.  It feels great to have captured the story of their marriage.

The process of burning the disks is not difficult, but it is time-consuming due to the process involved.  I become far more impatient at this step than any other only because of the waiting involved for the disks to burn.  All the other steps require a good deal of involvement on my part; sorting, editing, packaging which keep me focused.  What better time to write blog posts than when the disks are burning.

It might not seem like a very time-consuming step, since images can be burned to a DVD in about 6 minutes.  The wait comes from burning the label side of the disks with the LightScribe system.  Each label burn takes at least 20 minutes to complete.  Multiply that by image sets that span more than one disk, plus sets for the parents and it can take up an entire evening.

Once everything is done I assemble the disks, prints, and anything else that is part of the package.  I add any finishing touches and off it goes to make a couple very happy.  The joy of creating and capturing stunning images for each couple is such a thrill.


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