How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

The advent of the Internet and social media has changed the way companies interact with consumers. It is no longer possible to hide behind poor business practices, and treat customers unfairly. In a word of mouth market, every business must strive for excellence or quickly die.
This plays out very vividly within the wedding industry which is heavily driven by word of mouth.  Add the impact of social media and the life of a business is in hyper time.

We still hear of couples who run into issues with wedding vendors and the nightmare outcomes that anyone would dread.  It is even more disheartening when photographers are involved, are the couples photo memories are at stake.  The more this can be minimized the better, but how?

The best solution to avoid getting ripped off is to thoroughly research your wedding vendor choices before booking with them. By following these simple steps much of the risk can be minimized or eliminated:

  • Research the vendor online through internet searches.  Be sure to use the vendor’s name and include scam, fraud, review, complaint, in the search.
  • Determine if the vendor has a social media presence and follow the comments and responses.  If you don’t immediately see a social media presence ask them if they have one.
  • Ask for past client references, and follow up with the reference on their experience.

Once you have some research on the vendor the overall picture will be much clearer, and you should be able to make an easy decision.  Use the internet to your advantage and don’t turn a blind eye to questionable reviews and feedback.


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