I have posted in the past on my post processing with Nikon’s Capture NX2.  I had built my workflow around NX2 and become proficient with processing large batches of images.  Still there were some quirks with the program, and in terms of speed the program is not very efficient.  As time rolled by with no new updates and zero communication from Nikon or Nik on a new version, I become discouraged.  It seems the product has stalled out in terms of upgrades and in the ever changing world of computers that spells obsolescence.

In contrast the team at Adobe is very vocal on Lightroom and the release cycle for new versions and updates.  Lightroom has become one of the premiere platforms for photography workflow especially in the world of weddings.  Not only is Adobe consistent with their release cycle but the product is open for Beta testing, which provides valuable feedback for both Adobe and the public.  In an industry that relies heavily on computers and software it is imperative that professionals stay at the forefront of technology.

With this in mind I determined that I needed to make the switch to Lightroom and take on the learning curve of a new workflow.  Fortunately the knowledge base of information available for Lightroom is vast and most any feature can be easily researched without problem.  Making the switch during the slower winter months allowed me to ease into the new process and get comfortable with the software.  With far more features and a robust editing engine Lightroom provides exceptional processing ability.  The switch has been relatively easy and overall Lightroom has increased my productivity dramatically.


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