In Camera Lighting

“In-camera” is the current movement among top wedding professionals to capture images without the need for heavy software editing.  The idea is to capture the image so that it is perfect straight out of the camera, and at most would only need some very light contrast or color correcting.  The desire to get it right in the camera isn’t new; it was mandatory in the film days, but in today’s digital world photographers can rely on post process software to correct mistakes and enhance images.

One would expect wedding professionals to strive for the “in-camera” standard since any additional time required to edit and process the images is time away from shooting and working with clients.  This can be a critical point in how quickly your wedding photos are turned around after the wedding.  Heavy processing and editing work requires a good deal of time.  For the wedding photographer who can shoot in-camera quality, the turn around time for delivering final images can be one week or shorter with light editing.

“In-camera” can help define the style of the photographer, and you will find most professionals that adhere to this philosophy do very little heavy editing unless requested.  This may not always be the case so it is a good idea to view the photographer’s work and ask about their process to determine if they are a good fit for you.


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