The Evolution of Post Processing

Post processing has always been present in photography, but it is far more accessible to everyone in the digital photography world.  The excitement of being able to manipulate and tweak an image can be enticing.  The initial draw for me was to apply heavy effects and manipulate the image to a surreal point.  In the process I lost focus on the real art that drew me to photography, and that was creating compelling images.

Progressing in the digital arena and especially with wedding photography, I found through some very wise advice, that I should avoid heavy editing.  A more natural and realistic look would be more appealing, and place the emphasis on the quality of work rather than on an applied effect that could be dated.  I revamped my approach and concentrated on capturing the image “in-camera“. My goal was to do as little editing as possible, and only in a manner that enhanced the inherent beauty of the original image.

Post processing is, and will continue to be, an integral part of my photography workflow.  The ability to push the contrast and tweak white balance is critical to arriving at a final image that is vibrant and appealing.  My approach has evolved over time and will continue to change, but always with quality and artistic style in mind.


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