OneLight Wedding Photography Surprises

Photographing weddings in a onelight style makes for a very dynamic shooting environment at times.  Experience is a good indicator of how the image will turn out, but there are times when the circumstances result in surprises.  These surprises are photos that have not gone accord to plan and the results are way off from the intended image.  Often these surprises turn out to be fantastic shots.

In Megan and Micah’ s wedding the plan was for my lighting assistant to make the exit from the ceremony just before the recessional.  The chapel had no side aisles, and in order for us to have some off camera lighting on the exit from the church I needed him close to me.  As the ceremony closed he did not get the signal in time and the bride and groom were off down the center aisle toward the back of the chapel.

A bit on the unconventional side, my assistant dropped in behind Megan and Micah and kept a consistent distance as they moved to the back door.  My last photo of the two before they exited the chapel produced a perfectly rim-lit image.  A shot that was certainly not planned but came out very nicely.

onelight wedding surprise


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