Eliminate your Fear

My guess is that one of the biggest fears for a new bride-to-be is selecting the right vendors.  This can seem like an overwhelming process in some cases, in others, the choice might be easy.  With contracts and non-refundable deposits on the line the pressure to make good selections is high.  Realizing you made a mistake after the deal is signed is of little help.  The only consolation is the fact that there still may be time to remedy the situation, although not cheaply.

One of the best solutions for ensuring you are selecting the right vendor is of course to do your research.  The next step is to set up a meeting or consultation.  This is common among all wedding vendors and especially photographers.  I think it is especially important when selecting a photographer so that you can find out if they are a good fit.  You really want to make sure you mesh well with the person and not only like their work, but also their attitude and persona.  You will be spending a good deal of time with the photographer especially on the wedding day so hiring someone you don’t get along with is a bad move.

I often hear stories of “photographers” taking the deposit then bailing on the wedding.  The other scenario that makes me cringe is when the images are either lost or come out like snapshots from a point and shoot.  I feel the best way to avoid getting burned is to research the photographer’s background.  Let google, facebook, previous couples, and other vendors be your resource here.  I keep a very public and open presence on facebook, and through my blog in order to show couples that I take wedding photography very seriously, and intend to produce the absolute best images for them.

by taking some precautionary measures you can eliminate the fear and ensure that you will get reputable vendors for your wedding.


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