What is the finishing touch to your wedding photography?

I have written before on the value of tangible prints.  Currently there is a great deal of popularity in digital photography and the ability to quickly share it through social media.  The movement has many photographers refocusing on delivery and presentation, and the popularity drives my process as well.  It is important to deliver a few images quickly (same day) through facebook and tag the bride and groom.

Still we have a widening gap between tradition and current trends.  Prints and albums were a main focus in the days of film, but not so much today.  Print and album sales seem to have declined and some of that may be due to the overwhelming number of images delivered as compared to weddings from the pre-digital age.  My focus is on tangible items that will hold and increase in value over time.  This is mostly about the “wow” factor of holding a quality album in your hands.

After picking up a leather bound Artesia album for a client, I admired the quality and beauty.  I pondered why someone would not opt for such a gorgeous addition to their wedding and home.  Cost of course would be the main factor, but an investment has already been made in quality photography.  The album, would be the finishing touch and a centerpiece to showcase the excitement and  joy of the wedding.  The album is truly gorgeous with heavy bound photographic print pages in a luxurious leather cover.

The value of such an album would become priceless in the years to come, and especially as it is passed down from one generation to the next.  The excitement of holding the tangible images from the wedding make all the emotions real.


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