OneLight Wedding Photography Surprises

I spoke last week about catching a surprise shot during the recessional.  Having seen the results and been impressed with the image, it was something I have tried repeating in other weddings.  What makes capturing this shot so difficult is that I am dealing with a moving couple along with moving light.  In most cases my off camera flash is stationary.  To put it in motion adds another dynamic to the situation.  Couple that with the fact that I need to shoot from an angle that blocks the flash unit, and my assistant out of the frame, and I have a very hit and miss situation.

In this week’s image I had all the ingredients come together in a photo that was a complete surprise.  Not only were April and Brent getting almost too close to compose a clean shot, but the off camera flash was too close as well.  Sometimes everything works out to capture that perfect image.

April & Brent - Wedding at Castle Avalon New Braunfels


2 thoughts on “OneLight Wedding Photography Surprises

  1. Being a bit biased is perfectly fine. I am somewhat overwhelmed with your wedding photos Brent. There are so many that I absolutely love, I don’t know where to begin.

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