My Bro and his Bianchi Veloce

I spent the past weekend with my bro immersed in cycling and all things racing related.  After tracking down a Bianchi Veloce this past winter, Shelby has jumped into racing with both feet, and in a matter of a few months made some big strides.  This past weekend he made some time to come down to San Antonio, where we overhauled his bike and got everything rebuilt with fresh grease and new cables.

Saturday was spent tearing the Bianchi down to the frame and cleaning everything thoroughly.  Outfitted with Campagnolo the Bianchi is a good solid entry level racer.  Overhauling it gave us a chance to catch up and really hash out the Texas racing scene.  A lot has changed in the past 15 years since I last raced, and a lot hasn’t.  Hopefully I was able to impart some knowledge and give him some confidence to stay with it. By the time we had everything rebuilt the decision was made to skip Sunday’s race and spend the morning out on the roads together getting in a good ride.  Before that could happen we had to get in a photo shoot.

Sunday yielded the normal overcast morning so we spent the first hour following the Salado Creek Greenway trail to Fort Sam.  After that it was time to stretch the legs a bit and take some turns driving the pace.  It felt good to go fast again on the road, and I have to give my bro some props for his speed and smoothness.  It was a good ride and a great chance to catch up with one another.

Bro with his Bianchi Veloce

Race ready and looking forward to the season


3 thoughts on “My Bro and his Bianchi Veloce

  1. What a sweet story! My 14 year old son has picked up an interest in cycling.
    Our neighbor Ian Moore owns Bicycles Outback here in Waco. He and his wife
    Kathy are trying to get a kids group together. I think that would be awesome!
    Anyways, loved the story, Royce. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Patti, good to hear from you. I hope Dan enjoys it, it can be a lot of fun. I know Ian and Catherine, and actually worked at Bicycles Outback before I moved from Waco. It was owned by Keith back then. I rode with Cat all the time when she was at Baylor, be sure to let her know we went to Reicher together.
    The kids group sounds like a great idea, hope they are able to generate interest and keep it going.

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