It is about the Relationships

The most exciting aspect of wedding photography, or photography in general, is the relationships that are created.   It is such a privileged to work and interact with people in such an intimate manner.  I am allowed to come into people’s lives and capture them as they are, in a very candid and real way.

There is always a tendency to freeze when in front of the camera.  Having photos taken by a stranger can be awkward, and even unsettling.  I have to build relationships quickly, and blend in so that I can effectively capture the moments and the emotion.  I have to capture them as they are, when they are real.  The photos have to be honest.

Along the way I am touched by so many people, and it is such an honor when they reach out and touch me.  I have been helped along by so many at this point; sometimes in small gestures, and sometimes with very large generosity.  It is easy to make everything about the photography, but I always have to stop and remember it is about the relationships.


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