How will you register for your wedding gifts?

wishpot wedding and party registry

I came across the website the other day and found it interesting.  Wishpot is a registry site and takes the place of trekking from one store to the next setting up your bridal or wedding registry.  The site takes wedding registry to a new level with added features and the ability to integrate with social media.

I didn’t sign up for the service (already married you know), so I can’t speak for the usability, but it seems worthwhile.  It could certainly prevent all the driving around and scanning items at the department stores.  Of course building your registry the old fashioned way may still be appealing to some.  It is a great way to spend the day with your fiance.  Let me know in the comments if Wishpot seems appealing or if you still prefer the store to store approach.


One thought on “How will you register for your wedding gifts?

  1. THis is very interesting! I’m sure many couples will use this service as registering for gifts can be very time consuming. As for me and my partner, I think we will go the old fashioned way. Who wouldn’t want to scan gifts with a toy?? 🙂

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