Congrats to Crystal and Peter – Austin Proposal

Some last minute coordinating put me in contact with Aj this past week.  Aj runs Air Tours Texas and he was in need of a photographer to shoot an Austin air tour surprise proposal.  Some last minute schedule changes resulted in a conflict with his usual photographer, and the need filtered its way to me.  After a few messages back and forth and a phone conversation it was all set.  I would be shooting the surprise proposal for him.

Aj and I flew out of Bulverde in his 6 seater Piper Saturday evening and arrived in Austin to pick up Crystal and Peter.  Crystal had no idea what was going on, and was already surprised she was at the airport instead of a restaurant.  The plan was still undercover though since it was being played off as an air tour of Austin.  I was just along to shoot some “promotional” shots for Aj’s website.  Crystal was such a good sport when asked if she had any issues with being in a few of the photos.  The second big hurdle was cleared, now I could shoot them without raising any suspicions.

First we had the obligatory pre-flight couple shot.

Crystal & Peter with the Piper 5-14-11-22

Once in the air Aj maneuvered to put Crystal and Peter in the perfect position to see the “Will You Marry Me?” banner we had laid out when we first arrived.  We were foiled on that as the tower instructed Aj at the last minute to clear from the area.  As Aj revealed the reason for the flight, the Surprise could be seen all over Crystal.

Crystal at the announcement of the proposal 5-14-11-33

It was then Peter’s turn to make good on the surprise and he certainly did with a beautiful custom designed engagement ring.

Peter reveals the custom engagement ring 5-14-11-37

Of course the answer was “YES”

Crystal shows off her new engagement ring 5-14-2011

Back on the ground the two enjoyed a toast and a lovely bouquet of roses.

Enjoying the excitement of the moment with a toast and roses

Crystal and Peter engaged 5-14-2011

Crystal & Peter 5-14-11 Austin proposal and engagement


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