Who is going to replace flickr?

who is going to take flickr down

Photo sharing sites have long been the place for inspiration and for the public to be “wowed”.  Flickr has long been one of the predominant photo sites on the net, with the perfect mix of features and social interaction.  Facebook has even done a great job integrating image management within the site so that it plays a critical role.  Face there are many photo sharing and portfolio sites available some of them much more popular than others, so who is going to be the next up and coming player.

500px enters the scene, and with its rapid growth and stylish appearance it could very well be the next big photo thing on the net.  The premise behind 500px does not put it on a head-to-head course with flickr, but it is interesting to see all the talented photographers mushrooming on the site.  In terms of inspiration there is some incredible work there and the clever mix of top rated pics, along with searchable photos makes it appealing to the user.

If you have not seen the site hop over and have a look around it is certainly worth it.


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