What happens when the photographer experiments at your wedding?

I love playing with light, and every opportunity to photograph is another chance to bend the rules and tweak the image.  April and Brent’s wedding was such an occasion and a creative playground.  Many may cringe at the fact that I would be experimenting during an event, but in reality there is a combination of routine and “out of the box” photography going on.

My style has been to work for a variety of looks and images.  I do not spend a great deal of time shooting one look or one angle for a long period of time.  I want variety, and weddings demand quick setup, fast execution, and beautiful results.  My initial photography of a set-up is to capture a safe shot, something that is somewhat routine and straight forward.  If all looks good the next several shots will be with some tweaking to the light and changing of angles; variety and something a little more edgy in terms of style.

If I can provide something outside the box and unique for a couple then I feel I have performed creatively, and hopefully the couple will love the result.  I will leave you with this image of April that I shot before Brent had arrived at the venue.  Having captured a good image of her on the landing I continued to shoot with some minor tweaking of the light.  The result was this image using only a single light.  The light was directed between April and the wall behind her resulting in a highlighted background and some very dramatic short lighting on her.  Love it, and April looks absolutely stunning.

Dramatic lighting of the bride before the ceremony


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