The bridal portrait I can’t show

I met up with one of my bride’s this past weekend to photograph some bridals for her reception portrait.  Not only did she look stunning, but the portraits came out looking amazing.  I knew this shoot would be bitter-sweet due to the fact that I would not be able to post the images until after the ceremony.  With all the selects edited I let her decide on the portrait that would be used for the reception photo, and I sent it off for printing.  I think she made a perfect choice, and I am sure everyone will be delighted with the image at the wedding.  Keep an eye on the blog, it will be posted in 4 weeks.

Since I can’t show you the bridal portrait yet, I decided to post another image from downtown San Antonio.  This was taken from the top of a parking tower, and is a stitched pano made up of 9 images.  Unfortunately the excitement we had on the way to the top faded quickly as we struggled to compose compelling shots.  Maybe the scenery was better on the other side of the parking garage, but we had other landmarks to visit.

towntown san antonio pano at night


One thought on “The bridal portrait I can’t show

  1. The portraits are AMAZING, Royce! I’m having a hard time not showing them, too!

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