My half baked attmept at integrating twitter into wordpress

I find wordpress to be a well maintained blogging platform.  One of the advantages is the constant development of new features, especially when it is something that interests me.  After coming across this post on wordpress, I was excited to integrate my twitter feed into my blog.  It seemed like a neat idea and an easy way for visitors to see some of my latest tweets.

I was disappointed with the appearance of my feed once it was installed so I ended up disabling the feature for now.  I still think it is a cool setup and one that I might play with in the future.  I did integrate a twitter link in my sidebar that will take you to my twitter account page.  Most of my posts there revolve around photography industry news and wedding updates that I find interesting.  Hop on over through the link below and feel free to follow me if you think my tweets are interesting.


2 thoughts on “My half baked attmept at integrating twitter into wordpress

  1. Yeah, I don’t like it either. But I also don’t tweet – I only use it for announcing blog posts. So my feed was really just a tweet with a link back to my blog. Seemed redundant.

  2. I keep thinking about moving the blog along side my website, but I don’t want to give up any features. Who knows maybe I would gain some.

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