Adding light to make an amazing photo


For a photographer lighting is what brings his art to life.  It is critically important to understand and work with the light within an environment, but it is also important to fashion light to work for you.  The onelight, and more generally, the speedlighting movement is about creating and molding light to provide the atmosphere for an image.

I came across this article on the Nikon blog regarding Sam Barker and his photography.  The article goes into explanation of how Sam has used his equipment and Nikon speedlights (flashes) to produce some stunning travel images.

The principles discussed in the article are not far removed from wedding photography and can be carried over into the typical wedding event.  In wedding photography the lighting is always dictated by the venue and location.  Add to this the fact that many weddings will include a variety of lighting scenarios, which may likely change as the day progresses.  Wedding photographers have to be versatile and show a good understanding of light and how to maximize what is there along with providing additional atmosphere when needed.

With the newer technology it is much easier today to add additional light to a scene.  The equipment is much smaller and lighter, and technology has reduced the amount of equipment needed.  If you are interested in knowing more about how onelight is used in my style of shooting for wedding events, click here to see my articles on the subject.


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