Alley to the Riverwalk

Exploring downtown San Antonio can be quite interesting especially at night.  I have posted a couple of photos previously from a night time downtown photography trip, and i have another today.  The manner in which the river winds it s way through downtown is amazing and surprising.  It seems almost anywhere you go within the heart of downtown you will run into the Riverwalk.  The photo today is a prime example of this.

Darren and I were specifically staying at  street level above the river, focusing mainly on architecture.  Everything in San Antonio seems to be about the Riverwalk so our goal was to find interesting shots that did not focus on that.  The image below was an alley that caught my attention, and with some additional lighting I created the photo.  As I caught back up with Darren he was pointing me down another walkway a little further down that ran parallel to the alley.    At the other end it dumped us out right on the Riverwalk.

alley to the riverwalk in downtown san antonio


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