My perspective of the Texas state Capitol

A couple of weeks ago I went up in Aj’s Piper to shoot Peter’s proposal to Crystal.  I had a fantastic time making the trip to Austin and photographing the surprise proposal, but it also gave me a chance to do some aerial photography.  In the process I was able to capture some interesting images for myself and some good promotional shots for Aj.

Aj did a complete restore of the Piper, and in the process decked it out nicely.  The Piper seats 6 with the pilot, and in Aj’s terms is a workhorse and can be loaded down without any trouble.  Once we were up in the air Aj cut back the throttle to cruising speed giving us a bit more efficiency on the fuel.  Being able to get to Austin in 20 minutes from San Antonio can spoil you pretty quick, but getting to enjoy the view of the Hill Country was fantastic.

After taking Peter and Crystal up, Aj had one more sunset tour for an Austin couple, then we headed back.  A quick circle of downtown Austin gave me the opportunity to grab some cool shots of the Capitol building, then off for the Bulverde airstrip.

The Piper sitting at the Austin airport

Aj's Piper waiting for more airtime high above Austin

Love this shot of AJ taxying to the runway

Austin downtown with the Capitol and UT Tower

Texas Capitol building in downtown Austin


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