The best time of day to take photos

Timing can be everything when it comes to taking photos.  This especially holds true when shooting scenes with large subjects, such as architecture and landscape.  Shoot in the middle of the day and the photographer has to deal with a wide extremes in exposure from the highlights to the shadows. While the advent of HDR photography has helped reduce this issue, it still remains the best time to shoot is around sunrise or sunset.

The hour surrounding both sunrise and sunset yields even lighting that casts beautiful color on the scene.  This makes capturing compelling photos of large subjects less challenging.  For Kate and Luke’s wedding I knew there would be some challenges.  It was and afternoon ceremony, with the reception at a different location.  Even with the use of HDR, getting a beautiful photograph of the church was going to be very difficult.  First there was time constraints, plus getting a good angle with no cars or guests would be challenging.

Since I needed to know exactly where the church was located for the day of the event I decided to stop by earlier in the week around sunset.  This allowed me to know where I was going, and to get an unobstructed shot at sunset.  Ultimately I opted for the use of HDR in the final image, but the inclusion of the sunset is what really gives the image its beauty.  This would not have been possible the day of the wedding.  Timing was everything.

church wedding photograph at sunset

In an upcoming blogpost I will talk about how I get a gorgeous photo at the worst time of day.


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