How to simplify the wedding cake process

The cutting of the cake has long been a standard tradition at weddings, and who can deny the fun of the inevitable face cake smash.  The wedding cake is starting to move over and take a back seat to a more simple approach; the cupcake.  Cupcakes are rapidly becoming a trend at weddings for couples that are looking for a different flair.  Not only do they present a unique decorating opportunity for the event, but they can also simplify the cake process.

Serving wedding cake can be a tedious process and while you may have the vendor cut and serve, cupcakes will streamline the effort.  For those looking to maintain the one year frozen cake tradition, you can have a small top section made just for that purpose.


One thought on “How to simplify the wedding cake process

  1. Insert here a picture of our collapsed wedding cake from last month!! Cupcakes would have never done that. That was the only thing that got me down all night – I couldn’t believe how fast we were losing that cake.

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