New Mexico

We are only a few days away from leaving on this summer’s vacation.  Like last year we are heading back up to Red River, NM to enjoy the icy cold waters that stream down from the mountains.  The little house we are renting sits right on the Red River, although us Texan’s might classify it more as a creek.  River it is though since this time of year you would be  hard pressed to find water in any Texas creeks.

We are a bit on the disappointing side however since most of Northern New Mexico has gone to stage 3 fire restrictions.  This means there is no access to the forests or mountains for jeeping, biking, or even hiking.  The only individuals allowed into the forest are those with the Forest Service or who live in the remote settlements.

We of course understand the issue, and I can certainly feel for the residents of the area.  Any type of irresponsible activity that leads to a forest fire would be catastrophic under the current conditions.  New Mexico has already been under extreme stress due to the wild fires, and the conditions are only getting drier and more dangerous.

One of the highlights from last year’s trip was up to Goose Lake, which we will deeply miss this year.  After a 2 hour jeep ride to a small plateau Goose Lake sits surrounded by sheer cliffs and a steep climb to the peak.  It is a gorgeous view that was short lived last year.  We only had the jeep rented for a half day, so we basically had about an hour at the top before having to make the journey back down.  We were looking forward to a full day this year, but with Stage 3 in effect, no trip to the lake.

Don’t feel too bad for us though, there are still plenty of gorgeous sights and fun things to do.

red river new mexico

The little house on Red River in New Mexico

Goose Lake New Mexico

Looking down at Goose Lake from near the peak.


2 thoughts on “New Mexico

  1. We went to Santa Fe this June, went whitewater rafting, hiked, and we loved it. We need to look into seeing this area that you like also!

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