Back from Red River, NM

We have been back from Red River for several days now, but I am just now getting back to the blog.  A Series of projects and catch up work has kept me distracted, which I plan to blog about later this week.

Red River was as beautiful as ever and the water seemingly icy cold.  The highlight of the trip was rafting the Rio Grande, which was fun but a bit unnerving as we actively took part in a swift water rescue of other rafters within our group whose raft had overturned.  Seems they go through all those safety details before the trip for a reason.

We used Big River Raft Trips as our outfitter and our guide Bryan was fantastic.  We had some reservations about taking the girls on the rafting trip (ages 7 & 9) since we would be encountering class 2 & 3 rapids, but Bryan did a fantastic job of keeping us out of trouble, but making the experience fun and exciting.  He basically orchestrated the rescue effort that prevented possible disaster for our unfortunate fellow group members whose raft rolled in the most challenging rapid of the day.

I still have a collection of images to review and process, and will likely be posting those over the coming weeks as I get to them.  For now here is a photo of the Red River at the base of the mountains on a gorgeous summer evening.

Red River on a gorgeous summer evening


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