Continuing Education

I was thinking about the changes we have seen in the photographic industry over the past 10-15 years, and the new crop of photographers that have stormed the market.  Of course I am sounding like some old timer who has been a master of this profession for years.  I think I will save my history for another post.  The situation I wrestle with, is that of long time established photographers and how they have dealt with the changes in photography.

The digital age has ushered in incredible advancements in the capabilities of equipment.  The advent of digital images has reduced the learning curve required to become proficient in photography radically.  What weighs on my mind are those photographers who have resisted the change, and now find themselves struggling in a very competitive market.  There have been plenty of old pros who have embraced the digital age and are producing incredible work.  This dichotomy between the two, is only amplified when you mix in a young ambitious group of upstarts who are pushing the boundaries of photography.

One needs only to have a look at or to see eye popping work that in most cases is coming from amateurs who do not make their living from photography.  The lines of pro versus amateur are being blurred everyday, and all this points to the imperative need to stay sharp.  Now more than ever it is important to continue pursuing new photographic techniques, strategies and equipment.

There is no chance to sit back on past laurels and wait for clients to dote over ones work.  Photographers have to be sharp to seek out workshops, classes, seminars, and other enriching forms of information in an effort to progress their work and stay on top of the ever increasing quality of work being churned out.  Prospective clients are developing a more critical eye and awareness of great photography and they too are demanding better product and premium service.


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