New Nikon Cameras Released

I postponed writing this blog post long enough that some news fell in my lap.  Last night Nikon announced a new lineup of cameras aimed at the serious amateur.  The new cameras have a point and shoot body with interchangeable lenses.  Overall it is a large departure from current models and targets some of Nikon’s competitors in the consumer and prosumer markets.  The new 1 series cameras are being headed up by the J1 and V1 models.  With a new sensor design and a completely revamped lens mount the new models boast of being the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens cameras on the market.

The announcement was made at midnight last night in New York after a much hyped marketing blitz across the internet that included rumors and intense speculation.  In terms of the working professional wedding photographer the new cameras will not have much of an impact.  Aimed at the consumer market, they could certainly be worth a serious look if you are in the market for a versatile camera that offers light weight in a compact design.  Have a look at the news release on the Nikon site for more details.


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