Developing a Style

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Back in January I wrote a post on photographic style and how equipment can impact its development.  This week I came across a blog post by Chase Jarvis that touches on the subject from a different angle.  In an interview with Zack Arias, the two discuss finding ones photographic style from a human perspective.  The concept is interesting and should weigh heavily on anyone looking to emerge as a professional photographer.

Continual improvement is a characteristic important to any profession and change in style can be a normal evolution of this.  The question remains is it a necessity to constantly change and stay in front of trends or does a more classic approach become more important?  It is impossible to be everything to everyone, and developing a style certainly puts one in a position to be an expert in a specific niche.


One thought on “Developing a Style

  1. This entry really makes me think about my photography. Thanks for posting it. I think there is a lot to be said as well for finding one specific focus that you love and enjoy – and then sticking with it. You have done well in finding your focus, wedding photography, and then keeping on that single track. That’s not to say a photographer shouldn’t shoot a variety of subjects, but finding one focus is probably a good step towards creating your own specific style and becoming known for it.

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