Claire in Red River, NM

While in Red River, NM this past summer I made a series of images with the intentions of processing them with the “Brenizer Method”.  For those who have not heard about this method or style, it consists of taking a series of photos of your subject and the immediate surroundings, then stitching them together in Photoshop.  A key element is to use a very shallow depth of field.  The stitching of the images effectively reduces the depth of field even further and turns the resulting final image into  larger format photo than what the camera was capable of producing.

Some additional information can be found on Ryan’s site, the creator of the style.  Ideally the images would be made with the shallowest depth of field lens possible, so that the final photo would take on a surreal appearance.  For the image below I used 15 separate photos all captured with a 50mm 1.8 lens at the widest aperture setting.  As with any style there is a learning curve and there are a few things I would certainly do a little different next time, but the end result was very pleasing.

brenizer method - claire in new mexico


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