From the archive – Zita and Mike San Antonio Engagement

Does anyone remember seeing clouds in the sky last summer? You know, during the longest drought in history. Well, I don’t recall if it was THE longest drought, but it was long and hot enough. Wile scrolling through my wedding photography archive I came across Zita and Mike’s engagement photos, and the the first set I shot had some very cool looking cloud cover. Totally forgot about the fact that there may have been clouds hanging around last year.

The first image I came across didn’t even make it into the final image selections. I had selected other better looking images instead, but this one stood out due to the candid appearance. I love their expressions and the total lack of attention to me. I am almost positive I was just shooting a handful of test shots to get the overall exposure and composition dialed in to my liking. Their lack of attention is what really makes the image work. Natural, relaxed, unsuspecting, it is just Zita and Mike enjoying a moment before I start the “real” shoot. If you want to see the original images I posted from their session follow this link and have a look.

St Mary's University San Antonio engagement session with Zita and Mike


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