Flippers and Snorkel – accents for your wedding dress

Many of you may remember Stephanie’s wedding dress photos from last year.  That will be a shoot I will not soon forget.  It was one of the lengthiest shoots I have done.  At a bit over 5 hours we covered a range of concepts and left the location exhausted.  Stephanie had an endless supply of props; still don’t think we shot everything she had ideas for.  The sky was absolutely perfect!!  I feared for my equipment…electronics and water don’t mix.  The fact that there was water in a San Antonio creek during a record drought was amazing.

Narrowing the photos down to the 10 I posted was extremely difficult.  We had so many fantastic images, and I knew at some point I would revisit the images.  One concept that I withheld from the first post was the snorkel and flipper shots.  After browsing through the images again today I decided to post the one below.  My tendency is always to shoot into the sunset.  Everyone knows you get the most brilliant colors and supplementing that with some dramatic lighting makes for sensational photos.  Once we moved into the larger pond area, the backdrop towards the sunset was not very appealing.  With multiple obstructions and unclean lines I opted to shoot away from the sunset.  Hey what do you know, there is that awesome sky now providing brilliant color in the opposite direction as well.  The clouds added just the right mood and effect to make for an amazing background.

Stephanie trash the wedding dress with snorkel and flippers


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