Now you need a permit!

The Japanese Tea Garden has seen a good deal of renovation and improvement over the past few years.  I can remember for many years the pond sat empty, and only the most hearty foliage survived the hot summers.  Now the park has been restored to its former beauty,and is once again a hot spot for tourism.  This has also brought some additional restrictions in regards to photography.

The Tea Garden has long been one of the iconic locations for portraits and photos of all kinds.  The park is typically filled with the usual visitors capturing their snapshots and the professional looking to create a gorgeous portrait or family photo.  I assume this has lead to the current restrictions and need for a photo permit when taking professional portraits.  The San Antonio Parks Foundation has implemented a photo permit program and requires those photographers who are taking professional portraits to purchase a $20 permit before arriving.

The $20 permit can be purchased from the Japanese Tea Garden website through paypal.  This is something I was not aware of until yesterday when discussing details of an upcoming engagement shoot with a couple.  Wanting to have the shoot at the Tea Garden, the bride-to-be noticed something regarding a fee to shoot there.  After some searching of the usual websites I found the details and thought I would pass the info along through the blog here.

The last engagement shoot I did at the Japanese Tea Garden was with Melissa and Chris and the photo below still remains one of my favorites from the location.

japanese tea garden san antonio engagement photography


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