Jennifer and Steven – A San Antonio Wedding

I always enjoy providing wedding photography for small weddings.  Most often the venue is intimate and rich with character, and the overall atmosphere is so personable and charming.  That type atmosphere especially plays out well when the venue is a bed and breakfast.  For Jennifer and Steven’s wedding the location was Inn at Craig Place, a wonderful B&B near downtown San Antonio.

I always feel honored and blessed to share in a couple’s special day, and even more so when it is a small intimate wedding.  Make no mistake, the nerves and anticipation are still very present among everyone in attendance, but the charm of photographing everyone is exceptional.  Jennifer and Steve are a fantastic couple, full of life, fun, and happiness.  They have a special way of welcoming you in and making you feel a part of their excitement.

With close friends and family looking on Jennifer and Steve had the most beautiful ceremony under the most gorgeous weather.  The venue was excellent, the atmosphere was delightful, and the excitement from both Jenn and Steve made for a fantastic day.  Congrats to them both, and best wishes.

Jennifer_Steven-7 Jennifer_Steven-11 Jennifer_Steven-15 Jennifer_Steven-56 Jennifer_Steven-92 Jennifer_Steven-129 Jennifer_Steven-133 Jennifer_Steven-137 Jennifer_Steven-156 Jennifer_Steven-158 Jennifer_Steven-181 Jennifer_Steven-188 Jennifer_Steven-202 Jennifer_Steven-213 Jennifer_Steven-242


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