Sueyon and Joel Engagement Photography at McNay

Time of day can play a big role in creating beautiful photographs.  It is always fun to plan out a shoot so that it finishes up around sunset.  Not only is the light fantastic, but for engagement and couple shoots everyone is at ease and feeling comfortable.  The images take on a rich atmosphere and the gorgeous sunset color compliment the images nicely.

For Sueyon and Joel we settled on the McNay Art Museum as the location for their engagement photos.  The McNay has a long history with area photographers and provides a gorgeous backdrop with varied scenes and wonderful architecture.  My challenge with familiar locations is keeping the images creative and fresh.  It is easy to fall into a pattern of always shooting the same set-up, but with the McNay there is a wide range of opportunities for unique shots.

The late day shoot was perfect and we made good use of the sunset and clouds to create some incredible images that they both loved.  Congrats Sueyon and Joel, and thanks for a wonderful evening at the McNay.

Sueyon_Joel-24 Sueyon_Joel-48 Sueyon_Joel-36 Sueyon_Joel-65 Sueyon_Joel-60 Sueyon_Joel-93 Sueyon_Joel-72 Sueyon_Joel-109


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