San Antonio Wedding Photography with Ashley and AJ at Hotel Valencia

I had the privilege of photographing the gorgeous wedding of Ashley and AJ at Hotel Valencia in San Antonio.  The hotel is a downtown icon in San Antonio, and while I have done photography work there before, this would be the first wedding at Hotel Valencia.  I would have to categorize the Hotel as a photographer’s playground.  The building is amazing with great architecture, art, and decor.  One quickly slips into creativity overload at the number of photographic possibilities, making it impossible to run out of fantastic locations.

I love to shoot weddings and this was a fun wedding to be a part of.  Ashley and AJ are a gorgeous couple and their attitude was as much fun and exciting as I imagined it would be.  As the day transformed from the seriousness of a lifelong commitment to an energetic party their joy and happiness shown through at all times.  This was a memorable day and having the opportunity to capture the memories for them was indeed an amazing experience.

Ashley_AJ-79 Ashley_AJ-76 Ashley_AJ-103 Ashley_AJ-105 Ashley_AJ-110 Ashley_AJ-181 Ashley_AJ-205 Ashley_AJ-272 Ashley_AJ-292 Ashley_AJ-379


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