Celena – San Antonio Bridal Photography

I love being a wedding photographer and thrilled with the chance to capture beautiful brides in their wedding dress.  The downside is not showing the photos until after the wedding.  No photographer wants to be known as the guy that blew it by posting photos of the bride in her dress before the big day.

Celena and Ricky’s wedding was in Corpus Christi, but Celena made the decision to come up to San Antonio for the bridal shoot.  I think the charm of the city, and the numerous locations for bridal photos helped sway her into the choice.  Mcnay Art Museum was the perfect spot, but some delays in the drive and the early closing of the grounds made for a tight schedule.  We had to work quickly to get the photos.  Fortunately the grounds were void of any other visitors so we could move from one setting to the next easily.   In the end we captured some great images, and now I can share them.

San Antonio wedding photographer Celena_Bridals-14 Celena_Bridals-21 Celena_Bridals-23 Celena_Bridals-27 Celena_Bridals-40 Celena_Bridals-45 Celena_Bridals-49


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