Corpus Christi Engagement Photography – Celena & Ricky

Heritage Park in Corpus Christi makes a fantastic engagement photo session spot.  I had photographed there before, so when Celena and Ricky decided on the location for their engagement photos, I was excited.  The charm of the historical homes, and beautiful landscaping makes the park a wonderful experience.  Even if just visiting, the location is a fun experience and a great photo opportunity.

For Celena and Ricky the timing of the shoot couldn’t have turned out better.  The weather can be unpredictable at times in Corpus, and this was one of those occasions.  Only moments after finishing up with the photography session a thunderstorm moved in and drenched the area.  For all of us, we were dry in our cars with some gorgeous photos ready to be edited.

Corpus Christi Engagement Photographer Celena_Ricardo-19 Celena_Ricardo-29 Celena_Ricardo-37 Celena_Ricardo-42 Celena_Ricardo-49


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