Revamping my Website

Revamping a website is never easy.  There are so many considerations and thoughts that go into the process.  My wedding photography site has been long overdue for a revamp, but the problem was deciding where to start. has been my host and provider, and I am sold on their platform, so there was no dilemma there. The biggest hurdle was deciding on the look and format of the site, and then revamping the content.  I had to go back to my original image files across the board since the revamp would require all new file sizes and different content.  It was an involved process, but it was fun and exciting since I could envision the finished site.

None of that could prepare me though for the pain points of redirecting my domain to the new address.  Some naming conflicts within my old squarespace site and the new one, left me with no site for a couple of days as the issues got worked out.  Eventually everything was resolved and the new site went live.




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