Schoolteacher Engagement

There is something about a schoolteacher that is downright cool.  Put two teachers together and you have a cool factor that is off the chart.  So, the pressing question…where do you do the engagement photos for two teachers engaged?  I am always up for an interesting location, and I never turn down a spot that is special to a couple.  Somehow I wasn’t surprised when Michelle and Jeff suggested the school grounds where they teach.

So the day of the shoot, off we went looking for an appealing location to create some fun engagement photos.  They had just the spot; an outdoor terrace, where they often retreat with their students for lessons and discussions.  It was a small area, but it was a wonderful spot for an engagement session.  Everything felt right, and their love as well as their enthusiasm for teaching shown bright as the morning sun.

Schoolteacher Engagement Photography Michelle_Jeff-15 Michelle_Jeff-22 Michelle_Jeff-31 Michelle_Jeff-41 Michelle_Jeff-48 Michelle_Jeff-52


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