Celena and Ricky’s Corpus Christi Wedding

Celena and Ricky’s marriage ceremony was at Saint Pius Catholic Church in Corpus Christi.  I always get excited about Catholic marriage ceremonies, probably because I grew up in the church, but also because the buildings are so ornate with beautiful architecture. It’s exciting toe see the different churches and get to capture wonderful images of the ceremony and mass.

Saint Pius was no exception.  It is a wonderful building, and the mass was beautiful.  I was limited to photographing the ceremony from only one side of the  nave, but that did not pose a problem.  The reception was held nearby at the Richard M Borchard Fairgrounds.  One of my favorite images was from the limo, with Celena and Ricky getting ready to leave the ceremony.

Complete with a Mariachi, the reception was wonderful.  It was such a joy to capture the day for Celena and Ricky.  Here is a small sampling of the images from their wedding day.

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Celena_Ricky-34 Celena_Ricky-64 Celena_Ricky-66 Celena_Ricky-70 Celena_Ricky-80 Celena_Ricky-99 Celena_Ricky-119 Celena_Ricky-157 Celena_Ricky-205 Celena_Ricky-221 Celena_Ricky-239 Celena_Ricky-244 Celena_Ricky-252 Celena_Ricky-310 Celena_Ricky-337 Celena_Ricky-388 Celena_Ricky-428 Celena_Ricky-568


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