Star Wars Themed Wedding

Weaving a Star Wars theme into your wedding day does not have to be difficult.  Michelle and Jeff took a few aspects of their special day and made them uniquely personal.  Not only was it fun to see these two enjoy their wedding day, but it was also great to photograph those details.

Scenic Springs was the perfect venue, and while the weather kept most everyone indoors for the duration of the day, it did not stop everyone from enjoying the reception and having a great time. Anytime there are lightsabers involved it is bound to be fun!

star wars themed wedding Michelle_Jeff-25 Michelle_Jeff-30 Michelle_Jeff-41(2) Michelle_Jeff-55 Michelle_Jeff-66 Michelle_Jeff-89 Michelle_Jeff-95 Michelle_Jeff-117 Michelle_Jeff-152 Michelle_Jeff-162 Michelle_Jeff-177 Michelle_Jeff-211 Michelle_Jeff-294 Michelle_Jeff-306 Michelle_Jeff-315 Michelle_Jeff-386 Michelle_Jeff-396 Michelle_Jeff-456


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