Melissa and Sacha – a Corpus Christi Wedding

I have been photographing weddings in Corpus Christi for a awhile now, and I’m always excited to hear from couples in that area who are needing a wedding photographer.  Melissa and Sacha contacted me for their wedding and with the date still available on my schedule I was eager to join them on their wonderful day.

Catholic weddings are always exciting.  I love the opportunity to photograph ceremonies within the ornate and decorative architecture.  I also find most priests to be very flexible with their photography requirements giving me plenty of leeway to capture the couple during the marriage sacrament.  For Melissa and Sacha the day was fantastic.  The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was filled with fun and joy.  It was a pleasure to photograph everyone having a great time and enjoying the event.

Corpus Christi Wedding Photographer Melissa_Sacha-45 Melissa_Sacha-74 Melissa_Sacha-94 Melissa_Sacha-158 Melissa_Sacha-210 Melissa_Sacha-297 Melissa_Sacha-306 Melissa_Sacha-317 Melissa_Sacha-450 Melissa_Sacha-458 Melissa_Sacha-461



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