Wedding at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

One of the more popular attractions in San Antonio is the Botanical Garden.  The gardens are kept beautiful all year round, and provide a wonderful experience for visitors and tourists.  I have done several bridal photography sessions there over the years, and on one occasion I noticed the chairs set up for a wedding ceremony.

I assumed the Botanical Garden would be a very popular location for wedding ceremonies, but It was only recently that I had the opportunity to cover a wedding there.  With such a large venue the options and settings are numerous, especially for smaller ceremonies.  No matter what area of the venue you are in, the settings are beautiful, and the photo opportunities are unending.

My coverage of Chantel and Ben’s wedding was a great experience, and I was excited to finally photograph a ceremony at such an iconic venue in San Antonio.  The weather was beautiful, and the gardens looked amazing as usual.  If you are looking for a wedding venue, or a location for bridal photos I highly recommend the Botanical Gardens.

San Antonio Botanical Garden wedding Chantel_Benjamin-11 Chantel_Benjamin-16 Chantel_Benjamin-17 Chantel_Benjamin-30 Chantel_Benjamin-40 Chantel_Benjamin-49 Chantel_Benjamin-50 Chantel_Benjamin-52 Chantel_Benjamin-90 Chantel_Benjamin-104


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